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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

A small bathroom may feel intimate and cozy, but in the end, there’s that depressing and claustrophobic feeling it leaves behind thanks to its crampiness. If you’ve ever felt this way, then you may have wondered if by any chance there are ways on how to make a small bathroom bigger and even twice its size. But guess what, you’re not alone!

It gets to everyone at some point especially when you consider that the shower, toilet, sink, and faucet are also shoved into the same tiny space. The problem would’ve been easily taken care of by eliminating some of these basics if it’s a sitting room we’re talking about. But you can’t start removing your sink all in the quest to make the room bigger, can you? While your realtor may not include your tiny bathroom on your house’s tear sheet when there’s a need to sell it, you can still ensure that space is warm and cozy enough and most importantly appears bigger.

All it’ll take is some adjustment of the color palettes, setup of essential fixtures, amongst other tricks that can ensure that you make a small half bathroom look bigger even if you’re on a budget.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Your small master or apartment bathroom will still maintain its physical size, but there are some ideas you can implement in order to transform your privy room into that special place. We have outlined some decorating tricks as well as simple fixtures that will meet your decorating style and make your bathroom live up to its full potential.

Today, we’re exploring how to make a small bathroom look bigger so you have some options before considering the idea of remodeling your bathroom.

1. Light Colors Create the Illusion of More Space

Has it ever crossed your mind that you can make a small bathroom look bigger with paint? The trick here is to create an illusion of more free space by selecting cool soft color schemes that come with a promise of serenity. For instance, you could try strong, exciting colors for your small bath and bright colors for towels and other accessories.

Something else you can implement is matching the tone or color of most things if not all in the bathroom. That is to say, if you’ve settled for white paint, then you should also select white tile, a white vanity, etc. And one thing that is peculiar about white is that it reflects the light instead of absorbing it like dark color. So, it’s a good thing that there are several white fixtures such as the toilet, sink, tub, etc. in place and so, you only need to create a seamless look that gives the impression of a larger space by making all tones match. On the other hand, a dark color matched with a light color will only make the space seem visually small. But what happens if white is a color you don’t want to deal with? then some good colors for small bathrooms you can also use are soft grays, warm beige, and faint hues.

2. Brighten Up the Room

A small dark bathroom can be made to look bigger by adding some extra lightning because these rooms generally have some limited amount of natural light. There’s Recessed can lighting which can be installed in the ceiling in order to make this possible.

Another great option is a countertop lamp or wall sconces which help to add warmth to space. The good thing is, these are all on a budget but if you’ll like to take it one step further, then what you need to do is consider more expensive alternatives through the use of larger windows, skylights or even Solatubes which can be stationed at different locations in the bathroom to eliminate shadowing.

Other than visually expanding the space, more light means you can apply makeup or shave conveniently and have bright light be the first thing to welcome you in the morning.

3. Use Mirrors to Increase Visual Space

Still wondering, how do I plan a small bathroom? Then check this out!

There’s something exciting about mirrors and that is their high potential to reflect more light in your bathroom in order to double its visual size. They are, therefore, a great investment since they are less expensive compared to tiling the wall.

If you have a slim powder room whose walls are small, even better since you don’t need a lot of mirrors to cover it. So, consider placing a larger mirror with a beautiful frame in front of the bathroom’s sink in order to create an elegant look. It’ll pick up the bathroom’s color and pattern. If you can’t settle for a larger mirror, then there’s the alternative of settling for a collection of mirror that can be artistically arranged in the space.

4. Trade a Large Vanity for a Delicate Pedestal Sink

A cabinet provides additional storage space for you to place your things. If installed on the floor, then it would be taking a considerable amount of floor space which is not quite ideal in a small bath. In this case, a better option would be a wall-mounted sink or pedestal sink which makes your bathroom feel more open.

However, you need to keep in mind that removing the vanity cabinet comes with an extra cost of repairing the floor. If that goes down well with you, then you can replace the current cabinet with an alternative storage space whose shelf is smaller or settle for a linen closet.

5. Use a Floating Vanity

To create a balance with the desire for great storage option and more space, a floating vanity can be of help. You can store your daily essentials within it while at the same time not taking up space on the floor. What this does is to create an opening which would’ve had a cabinet sitting on it. You may have successfully saved a little space, but when coupled with other tricks outlined here, a difference would’ve been made. Nonetheless, if you’re not all out for maximum storage, you can take this extra step by using a smaller vanity instead of the biggest unit out there. It makes the space roomier and less stuffed, and you may also come to appreciate having more space to move your legs.

6. Cut Back Anything That Sticks Out

The idea is to create an illusion for your mind and eyes that the space around you is larger than it actually is without adding a square foot.​ Nonetheless, your efforts into making that a reality can be shattered with an accessory or piece of furniture sticking out or standing out from other objects. For this reason, it may not come as a surprise that your eyes get the impression of a shrinking room. A quick way out would be to remove decorative accessories, hanging racks, wall shelves, and just about anything that is standing in the way. However, this should be things that are not of a necessity since you may be prioritizing a larger room to your comfort which just eliminates your purpose for doing this in the first place.

7. Get Rid of Visual Obstructions

Asides from furniture, there’s also a glass that may be blocking your sight. For instance, a frosted-glass bath or shower door which stops you from seeing the other side of the room. Each time your line of sight is blocked, it leaves the impression that the room is smaller than it actually is. A possible solution to this problem is to settle for a shower curtain which can be shifted to one side if the bath is not in use. This prevents your eyes from being blocked all the time as would’ve been the case with a wall.

8. Expand the Ceiling

Now don’t fret when you hear things like expanding the ceiling since, in actuality, it is not another remodeling lurking around. In this case, what you’re going to do is create an illusion that the ceiling is raised. This can be made possible by molding the design around the ceiling’s edge or even painting its lattice. You can then proceed to install a crown molding around its edge and take it one step further by painting the ceiling the same color. Color options that would be ideal in this case are light color and white or faux paint clouds or stars.

9. Add Depth to the Walls

Do you have an open wall that is just begging to be painted, then you should give it more thought. You can try painting a decorative mural on it in order to enhance the feeling in the room. How about having a framed picture that is comparable to a window that is facing the garden. It works both ways to make the space in your master, guest or apartment bathroom seem bigger.

10. Eliminate All the Clutter

It’s a bathroom and it is automatically expected to be squeaky clean and neat. If yours has so many things lying around which have not been put away after use, then it could defeat your aim of getting a larger space. Therefore, organize your things into a vanity or linen closet in order to free up space around you and give your eyes a more appealing sight.


These are some of the most important tricks on how to make a small bathroom look bigger. Therefore, whether it’s an apartment bathroom, guest bathroom, or a master bathroom you’re trying to expand, each of these will bring you a step closer to making it happen. Whether you’re on a low budget, they can still be made possible.

Now, you better get started with it!

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